Gwenan Thomas

Gwenan Thomas

Gender: Female
Primary qualifications: RGN Level 1
Other languages spoken: Welsh & English

Gwenan Thomas

Chronic Conditions:

Specialises in Diabetes Care

Other Clinics:

Cervical Screening

Vaginal ring Pessary Changes

Diagnostic Dopplers

Childhood Immunisations

Urethral & Supra pubic Catheter care

Phlebotomy - Child and Adult

Dressings Acute and Chronic wound management


Provide Patient education and health promotion advice e.g




Referral to exercise by invitation scheme

Referral to XPERT courses

INDEX - Practice Team

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  • Independant Prescribers
  • Physician Associate
  • Nursing team
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  • Physiotherapist
  • Dispensary Team
  • Secertary  and Administrator
  • Care Navigating Team