Patient's Rights & Responsibilities


We endeavour to offer high standards of medical care with a strong belief in looking after the whole person and the family as well as in the prevention of ill health.

Patients should expect a courteous and prompt response to needs with urgent problems and be offered contact with a clinician within a normal working day. Patients may see whichever clinician they wish subject to availability, but we prefer you to stay with one clinician with a single problem. Our building is freely accessible to the disabled and we have policies in place to assist those with visual, hearing or learning impairments.

We have policies for patients under 16 years of age. Patients can expect confidentiality to GDPR standards with respect to their autonomy, and to be involved in their choice of treatment. The patient also has a responsibility to try, where possible, to use our service in accordance with the guidelines in this leaflet.

We actively monitor for patients who fail to attend for appointments or who arrive late. We shall not tolerate violent or abusive behaviour to any of our team. We also do not expect any dishonesty. We reserve the right to remove patients from our list or we may suggest patients register elsewhere if the relationship seems to be breaking down.